Why should I register early? Why not wait until the Monday?
Pre-registering is easy. You can do it in person at the Cobourg YMCA or online by clicking here.
This lets you be able to show up at the race and quickly pick-up your bib number and chip without much waiting. Otherwise you have to register at the event and this takes longer. You also save money if you register before September 30th!


What is a Family Rate?
The intent of the Family Rate is to allow a family with small children to attend without incurring a big cost. The Family Rate of $40 is good for two adults and up to 4 children under 14. Further subsidized rates are available by talking to the YMCA Membership desk. If you compare our cost to other chip timed races you will see we are very reasonably priced. Plus, the money goes to a great cause.


How can I squeeze this fun event into my busy day?
I have guest coming!
The Turkey Trot is planned so that you could pop the bird into the oven, come out and enjoy the crisp fall morning at our wonderful event, and still get home before lunch.
Hey, you could even invite your guest to join you for some fun in the forest!


We want to stay as a family, but have kids under the age of 14.
There are some fun specific age events the under 14 kids can participate in, but you are welcome to participate as a family. Please consider The Gobbler 2.5K so that walking will not impede those running. Remember trail etiquette to stay to the right of the trail to allow people to pass on the left.


Can I push my stroller on the trails?
We are thrilled that the Trot has something for everyone.  If you look at the events page you can see that there is something for all ages to participate in.  Some families will want to stay together and participate in one event.  We recommend the 2.5K Run/Walk.  The 2.5K Run/Walk would work well for carrying wee ones in a carrier. During the running events strollers are asked to stay off the trails.  Plus there will be some challenging places where you will find a stroller just will not work well.


My child is under 14 and can easily run the 5K.
Why do they have to sign up for a shorter race distance?
As a good racing friend once said, “It is not the distance, but the intensity.”  I think Usain Bolt has a good argument to present here.  It would be nice to see kids compete in their age group, but a capable runner can choose to run the longer events.  Hey, if you are under 14 you have a way better chance getting a medal by entering your specific event.


Can I walk at the Trot?
Sure!  The best event to choose if you want to walk would be The Gobbler 2.5K.  This is a great way to see the fall colours.  Race etiquette is to stay to the right of the trail to allow passing on the left. Some people do a planned walk and run when they run and any event would be good for this style of running.


I’ve never run on trails. What is the trail Etiquette?
You are in for a treat.  Trails are great to run on.  Trails provide a very forgiving surface and great scenery.  Race etiquette is to stay to the right of the trail to allow passing on the left.  As you approach someone from behind a polite call of, “On your left.” Let’s then know you are passing them on their left.


Is it true that there are hills?
The Gobbler runs and the Kids’ Turkey Trot have a good hill in it plus some small rolling hills, but hills build character and allow you to have a great excuse to have another slice of pie at dinner.


Someone told me it is a challenging course.
Challenging is all relative.  I find the course really fun to run with lots of interesting things to experience.  The course can be done at your pace which allows you to determine how challenging it is.  That said, after you finish you will definitely deserve extra dessert at your Thanksgiving dinner.  It is not technically challenging in terms of trail elements. The trail is groomed.

Also, there seems to be a strong trend for challenging events such as, Warrior Runs/ Spartan Races.  We don’t have obstacles to work through, just nice trails. However, when you finish the Northumberland Forest Turkey Trot and tell someone you completed the run they will look at you in awe.  Bask in your new earned glory and proclaim: “I am not a chicken … I am a turkey!”


Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs, but dogs are not permitted on the trails during the running events, but leashed dogs are always welcome to join the party in the start/finish field area.


Is there a secret Trilogy I should know about?
Yes, go to the home page and click the Trilogy logo at the bottom of the page to learn more.


How do you run in a full turkey costume?


What is the best way to cook my turkey?
If you are lucky like me, you are invited somewhere where they are cooking the turkey for you. However, if you are the cook take a look at how the good people at Simple Bites suggest cooking a turkey.